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"We come from different parts of the world. We lead different lives. We’ve taken different paths. But we have one thing in common. We are all women who have the opportunity to succeed, to be loved and blessed by our Creator.

Of those born into poverty around the world, women are a majority. Tens of millions miss out on education and, globally, women are more likely to be jobless and bearing the worst setbacks of the economic crisis.

But whether in Asia, Europe, Africa or the Americas, healthy, educated, employed women who acknowledge the compassionate heart of God towards other women, choose to break poverty cycles; not just for themselves but for our families and communities too.

How brave, how courageous, how amazing women are!

The giving of themselves and the gathering of what they have to offer, to serve and share to others speaks of generosity, selflessness and love.

W.E. seeks to EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE, EDUCATE and EMBRACE WOMEN with the love that comes from Jesus, and in TOGETHERNESS we will journey and discover God's very unique plan for women around the world!







































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